Agape Permanent Supportive Housing, Inc., is a non-profit organization intended for homeless women with children who are transitioning from homeless shelters to transitional programs. This program is for women and children who have suffered from domestic violence, drug challenges, mental illness and may be economically disadvantaged.  APSHI was licensed 3/15/15 as a Domestic Nonprofit Corporation.  Our goal is to help keep these families off the streets, out of the hospitals, and out of jail and give them a place that they can call home, where they truly can rehabilitate.  In addition,  we hope to do this by giving them the support they need to become productive and independent once again, in a safe environment to interact and meet their needs of support.

In order for us, however, accomplish this goal, we need the help of our community foundation, leaders, and businesses.  We, also would like to open an after-school student center for children of all ages and adults.  This center would include a study center, computer lab, studio and more.  This would be a center where children can come after school and on the weekends as an alternative to the dangerous streets and adults can obtain their GED. The center would offer the children an environment that would keep them engaged with great things like helping them with their homework, arts, community service and other activities.

Please join us in this very important mission.  Without your support, we will not be able to accomplish this important goal – to help save some of our women with children.  We are a concerned committee of community activists who have set goals for this disadvantaged population.  We can all work together towards a common goal; and together we can make a difference.  We are losing families to this socio-eonomic environment and our children are suffering from this mass destruction every day

If they had a key to a place that they could call home and learn life skills at the same time, live in a safe apartment, we believe that this will save the lives of many families with children.


Building sketch #3 12-28-17